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Election Results

Since the 2011 election the riding boundaries have been redrawn and 30 new ridings have been added. The graph above shows past results mapped onto these boundaries. This may make the results look strange.

Riding Overview

Madawaska—Restigouche, in northwest New Brunswick, is a Liberal–Condervative swing riding. The Conservatives took the seat in 2011 by a margin of less than 6% (under 2000 votes). The Liberals won in 2008 by a wide margin, and in 2006 by only 2.5%. The incumbent, MP Bernard Valcourt, is the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. He became infamous this year for his icy demeanour when a call for an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women was made during the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Report. The whole audience gave a standing ovation and Valcourt stayed still in his chair.