How Do I Vote?

Here's a quick guide about when, where, and how to vote - take a look and make sure you are able to vote (together). 

When do I vote?

On October 19, Election Day, polling stations are open for 12 hours across the country.  Specific hours will vary depending on your time zone.

Download your calendar reminder here:


Where do I vote?

Use the Elections Canada site to enter your address and find your polling station.

If you are a student, or live at more than one address, you will have to choose which address to use for voting.  You can only vote once!


What ID do I need?

You need one of the following:

  • one piece of government-issued photo ID that has your name and current address; or
  • two pieces of ID that both have your name, and one of which also has your current address.

A voter information card does not count as ID.  If you do not have any ID with your current address, another voter who is already registered at the same poll can sign an oath to vouch for you.

For the full list of acceptable ID and identification rules, click here.


Do I need to be registered in advance?

No!  You can register at the poll on election day, if you have acceptable ID.


I am already registered. Do I still need ID?

Yes!  Registering in advance will make voting easier, but you still need to bring ID.

The voter information card you receive in the mail does not count as proof of address or identity.


What if there is a mistake on my voter identification card?

We have been hearing reports of mistakes on voter information cards.  As long as you have the right ID, these mistakes can be fixed at the polling station and you should still be able to vote.

However, it's always safest to contact Elections Canada to make sure!

Do you have other concerns?  

Elections Canada maintains a large list of frequently asked questions.

This is shaping up to be one of the closest and most important elections in our lifetime - make sure you vote on October 19!

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