Recommending Mira Oreck (NDP) -Vancouver-Granville

For immediate release recommends NDP’s Mira Oreck in Vancouver-Granville  

TORONTO, October 14, 2015  - In Vancouver-Granville, where over 5400 people have pledged to Vote Together, a clear majority of the local Leadnow community has voted to recommend Mira Oreck (NDP) as the candidate who can defeat the local Conservative.

“ is the best place for Canadians to get critical information to inform their vote,” says Amara Possian, the elections campaign manager for Leadnow. “It offers details about the riding they live in, the state of the race in their riding, and the parties’ positions on key issues.”

The recommendation followed a standard two-step process for three-way races.  With local polling showing both the NDP and Liberal candidate ahead of the Conservative, Vote Together pledge signers were asked to decide based on the latest polling data and a comparison of the party platforms on the issues that matter to the Leadnow community.

A clear majority of Vote Together pledge signers in Vancouver Granville voted to recommend NDP’s Mira Oreck as the best local candidate to defeat the Conservative.  

“With only 4 days left in the federal election, this recommendation shows that people in Vancouver-Granville are prepared to unite to defeat Conservatives,” added Possian. “Now we start mobilizing to get out the vote for the NDP’s Mira Oreck, who has been chosen by voters who want change.”

To date, almost 90,000 people have pledged to vote together in this election and the number continues to grow.

This is part of the second of three rounds of recommendations that will be released by the Vote Together campaign. The Leadnow community has 23 recommended NDP and Liberal candidates across the country and is now running recommendation processes in 7 ridings, with results to be released on Saturday. For the full list of recommended candidates, please go to


Leadnow was founded in 2010 and has no political affiliation. Its top areas of focus are creating a strong democracy, building a fair economy and ensuring a clean environment for all generations. will help voters connect for change and elect candidates that are committed to these three crucial issues.

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