Former Harper Voters

All across the country, Conservative party members, former Conservative leaders, and most importantly, people who voted for Harper in the past and won't do it againare jumping off Harper's sinking ship and speaking out against his broken promises, ugly politics and dismal record.

By sharing these kinds of stories, we don’t just create a powerful counter-narrative to Harper’s spin that he’s the strong, stable choice, but we can reach thousands of swing conservatives who plan to vote for Harper and change their mind  

This page is filled with graphics and articles about Former Harper Voters - a powerful group of of people Harper doesn't want anyone to hear about, so of course we're asking you to share share share! Click on any of the images or links to share on facebook.

Share the following news articles, which explain in more detail about why conservatives have had enough of Harper - and are ready for change:

The former Premier of Newfoundland - a Conservative - says: "don't trust Harper". Danny Williams speaks out against Harper's fear-mongering campaign tactics, poor economic record and refusal to work with the provinces. 

Some of the ex-Conservatives working to defeat Harper because of his party's social conservatism, fiscal irresponsibility and history of scandal.

A former lawyer for the Prime Minister’s Office says the Conservative government has lost the moral authority to govern, and he’s voting for change this election.

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