The Vote Together campaign

This is the longest, most expensive, and for many of us, the most important election of our lifetimes.

Over the last 10 years, the Harper Conservatives have clung to power through fear-mongering and divide-and-conquer politics.

But while a growing majority of people want change this election, Harper could win again because our broken “first-past-the-post” voting system splits our votes and distorts our democracy. In the last federal election, a majority of people voted for a change in government, but the Conservatives got 100% of the power in Parliament with just 39% of the vote.

This election, we can defeat the Harper Conservatives by uniting people in swing ridings where a few thousand votes will be all that’s standing in the way of another Harper majority.

The Vote Together campaign connects people who want change with the tools and information they need to select and support the best local candidates to defeat the Harper Conservatives.

Together, we can elect a government that reflects the priorities and values of the majority of Canadians - to stand together for a strong democracy, a fair economy, and a clean environment.

Will you join us?

About Leadnow

Tens of thousands of Leadnow members have already contributed their ideas, money, and time to design, fund, and power Vote Together - the campaign that will stop the riding-by-riding vote splitting that twisted a minority of votes into a majority of seats in the last election.

Leadnow is an independent advocacy organization that runs campaigns on the major issues of our time, engages people in participatory decision-making, and organizes in communities across Canada.

Like the vast majority of Canadians, we are frustrated with our broken electoral system and the direction Stephen Harper has taken the country.

Most people in Canada don't see the country through a partisan political lens or identify with a political brand. We don't identify as Red, Blue, Orange or Green -- but we want to see change. Leadnow is committed to making that change a reality this election.

You can learn more about Leadnow at