Amplify #Harpernomics

The 2015 federal election is just around the corner-- and the stakes are high. In the last few weeks, Harper's been using race-baiting politics on the niqab to try and distract voters from his record of scandal, failed policy, and economic mismanagement. When Harper does speak about the economy, he tries convince voters he's good on it. We know that he isnt.

We want to flood social media with messages that counter Harper's spin while re-orienting the discussion back onto the issues that matter. Beacuse when we focus on the real issues, Harper knows he's in trouble.

Below is a series of Facebook graphic shares, Twitter messages, and useful links that outline Harper’s massive failure as an economist. Please share any of them whenever you like. You might even want to bookmark this page so you can come to back it throughout the election. If enough of us keep sharing these social media messages, we can reach millions with a cheap and effective counter to Harper’s multi-million dollar spin machine that misleads voters and helps him win.

Suggested tweets. Using the hashtags #VoteTogether, #Harpernomics and #elxn42, let’s flood social media with hard-hitting messages to hold Harper accountable for misleading Canadians about his economic record. You can copy and paste these onto your twitter:

“A decade of deficits and debt, followed by a shady surplus during an election... That's #Harpernomics#VoteTogether #elxn42 @leadnowca”

“Harper’s Shady Surplus: Officials who slash federal program costs receive 20% bonuses #VoteTogether #Harpernomics  #elxn42 @leadnowca

“Harper gambled our economy on oil and gas. It’s landed us in another recession. That's #Harpernomics #VoteTogether #elxn42 @leadnowca”

“Canada’s 7% unemployment rate is worse than all but two of our G7 counterparts. Let's #VoteTogether for change #elxn42 @leadnowca


Graphic shares. Click on any of the graphics below to share on facebook.




Useful resources and links.

1) Four Ways Harper’s Economic Boasting Falls Flat

2) Manufacturing jobs down again, but Harper claims the "economy is healthy and growing”

3) Canadian taxpayers lose $3.5-billion on 2009 bailout of auto firms

4) Harper’s economic record the worst in Canada’s postwar history.

5) Harper's rosy financial outlook ignores facts


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